Empower your creativity


  • Temperatures

    Nozzle and bed temperatures that allow countless material choices in a contstantly evolving market.

  • Auto Leveling

    Run through the auto leveling sequence using our tutorials for worry-free printing.

  • Delta Style Design

    More efficiency with less components, because sometimes less is more.

  • Step by Step Manual

    Our step by step manual was designed with you in mind. Assembling your printer in kit form is truly enjoyable. With out step by step manual you will save time and enjoy a hassle free experience. 

  • Shipping Across North America

    We believe that receiving your printer shouldn't break the bank. Which is why shipping is affordable, reliable and tracked across North America.

  • Unlimited Email + Chat Support

    We are here every step of the way to support and grow your creativity from before purchase, to the moment your first print is complete, and everything in between.



GearRev was founded on the notion that creativity should be limitless.  We created our printer to empower you with a tool that will make your ideas tangible.


Listen UP locals! Would you like to see a live demo before purchase?

We have partnered up with Hobby Works to spread the joy of 3d printing in the DMV area. Visit any of their locations to see the Kinematics 3d printer in action as well as plenty of 3d printed models.

Hobby Works Rockville: 12274 Rockville Pike G, Rockville MD 20852
Hobby Works Laurel: 354 Domer Ave, Laurel MD 20707

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