Micro Swiss Plated Resistant Nozzles

Regular price $20.00

Upgrade your nozzle to these genuine Micro Swiss plated resistant nozzle on your GearRev Kinematics 3d printer for a better and more reliable printing experience. If you are planning to print with abrasives such as our CarbonX, we highly recommend using the Micro Swiss plated resistant nozzles. These nozzles are made from high quality 360 brass base material and then plated using TwinClad XT coating meaning less maintenance and more printing in the long run. Gearrev offers these nozzles in the standard 0.4mm diameter and 0.25mm diameter for prints with more intricate details.

NOTE: We highly recommend running through the autoleveling process whenever a new nozzle is installed on your printer. Follow the tutorials on our support page on how to install a new nozzle and autolevel your GearRev Kinematics 3d printer.