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  • Priming and preparing your Kinematics 3d printer for printing (click here)
  • Prepare a 3d model to print through SD card using Cura (click here)
  • Correct autoleveling sequence (click here)


GearRev Kinematics 3d Printer User Manual V2.0.1


Cura GearRev Edition V1.0 for Windows
Cura GearRev Edition V1.0 for MacOS



Mac OS USB driver

Printer Profiles

CarbonX Cura V1.0
PLA Cura V1.0


3d Printable Upgrades

Linear rail level rig: Print this tool and then attach the Swanson Tool using M4x8 screws. Use this rig to ensure that the linear rails installed on your printer are level. Click here to download STL file.
Spool holder: Print this spool holder then mount it on your Kinematics 3d printer as a replacement to the stock acrylic spool holder. Click here to download STL file.

2020 corner brace (Thingyverse page): Reinforce your Kinematics 3d printer using this brace. You will need to print three of these to go on each corner. Click here to download STL file. See Thingyverse page for photos of brace after installation. Design credit: scuba____steve


Can the GearRev Kinematics 3d printer print with ABS?

Yes! The GearRev 3d printer has a built in heated bed that can reach up to 110 degrees C which allows for the use of ABS as well as many other materials in the market today.

Do I need to use blue painters tape to print?

You may but it is not really necessary. Washable school glue applied on the glass surface may suffice however GearRev sells PEI sheets as an upgrade that may be installed on your printer for best results. PEI build surface sheets may be found in our store.

How often do I need to change out the nozzles?

Nozzles are considered consumables and so it is recommended that they are replaced every 6 months for best results. It is highly recommended that you change out the default copper nozzles for stainless steel nozzles when working with abrasive-like material such as Carbon X for best results. GearRev stainless steel nozzles can be found in our store.

Cura on my Mac can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. What do I do now?

Navigate to ‘System preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General tab -> Allow apps downloaded from: -> Anywhere’ This change is only required when you open Cura for the first time. Your security settings can then be changed back to their default settings.

I want to use Simplify3D as my main slicer. Can I use that instead of Cura?

Absolutely! Simplify3D is an excellent slicer that can be used to control and slice models for the GearRev printer. However the autoleveling process is a plugin through Cura. If you prefer to use Simplify3D as your main host, GearRev recommends following the autoleveling process through Cura first through our tutorials on our support page then connecting your printer through Simplify3D. The autoleveling process is a one and done process meaning you do not have to go through the process before each print. The values are permanently stored in your printer moving forward and the autoleveling process is only repeated unless you feel the need to.

Why is my printer not making contact with the print surface during the autoleveling sequence?

The most common cause for this issue is that something may not be right with the autoleveling endstop. Track back the autoleveling endstop wire to the makeboard and ensure a secure connection to the autoleveling port. If the problem still stands, switch out the endstop with the replacement endstop included in your printer package.

Why is the buzzer on my LCD screen going off?

Your printer is telling you that there is something wrong. Turn off your printer immediately and make sure all the connections to your board are secure. Ensure that the thermistor on the hotend is secure. If the problem persists email

Why are my prints coming out mirrored?

The most common reason is that the axes were not assembled as per the assembly manual. Check that you have wired the axes correctly as per the assembly manual. You will also need to make sure that you have not enabled print mirroring while slicing your model.

One of the motors is not spinning when I home my printer. What shall I do?

Most of the time, the issue is in the endstops. It is either a faulty endstop or a loose connection to the board. To debug this issue, head to Position on the main menu and choose the axis motor that is not spinning. Manually trigger the endstop corresponding to that motor by hand and monitor the value of the endstop. If it is not changing, then the endstop needs to be changed. Use the spare endstop included in the spare bag with your kit.

During my autoleveling sequence, my Current Tolerance is below my Max Tolerance yet the sequence keeps running. What should I do?

Try changing the Probe Radius to 60 and trying the sequence again. Keep the Max Tolerance at 0.3 and aim for a Current Tolerance of 0.15-0.25 (the lower the Tolerance the better). Rerun the sequence if necessary until you achieve a Tolerance you are pleased with.

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