GearRev ABS Filament

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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a multipurpose plastic that provides excellent durability while withstanding a wide temperature range. Unlike PLA, activating your heated bed on your GearRev Kinematics 3d printer is required to print with ABS. Make sure you follow our tutorial on how to prepare an ABS print. ABS is currently offered in either black or white.

Gearrev works with the best filament manufacturers around the world to provide our customers with the highest quality filament. The filament we offer on our store is delivered to our customers vacuum sealed and stored in a dry setting to ensure it arrives as fresh as can be to our customers. Our filament may be used with other 3d printer brands however they have been optimized to be used with the GearRev Kinematics 3d printer.