GearRev Kinematics 3D Printer Fully Assembled-Local Pickup

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Note: This product is only available for local pickup from Rockville MD 20850!

Nozzle and bed temperatures that allow countless material choices in a contstantly evolving market.

Run through the auto leveling sequence using our tutorials for worry-free printing. 

More efficiency with less components, because sometimes less is more.


  • Max print volume: 7.1in (180mm) x 11.8in (300mm)
  • Print assistance: Autoleveling for a stress free printing experience
  • Layer resolution: 100-300 micron
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm *interchangeable
  • Nozzle temperature of up to 275 degrees C
  • Heated bed temperature of up to 110 degrees C


  • Frame and body: T6 Aluminum body/ Chrome steel linear rails/ Injection molded parts
  • Build platform: Detachable glass with optional PEI build surface 


  • Product dimensions: 12inchesx12inchesx12inches equilateral triangle base by 25.63 inches height
  • Package dimensions: 28inchesx5inchesx14inches
  • Product weight: 15.5 lb
  • AC input: 110-230V output 12V180W


  • Software: Cura (GearRev edition)
  • Operating system: Mac OSX/ Windows
  • Support page with digital build manual, up to date firmware and printing profiles for different materials.
  • Full online software/hardware web support

We have partnered up with Hobby Works to spread the joy of 3d printing in the DMV area. Visit any of their locations to see the Kinematics 3d printer in action as well as an abundance of printed models.

Hobby Works Rockville: 12274 Rockville Pike G, Rockville MD 20852
Hobby Works Laurel: 354 Domer Ave, Laurel MD 20707